We’re Adopting!

As I sit here this morning wondering where to start with “our story” words seem to fail me. Our journey has not been an easy one since we have been married. Many ups and downs but more downs than ups. One of those downs is that we have lost five babies. Five of our precious babies are in heaven and we will not see their faces until we enter Heaven’s gates someday. The gripping pain and ache of losing a child never leaves you, but it does seem to be less difficult as time goes on. Not a day goes by that we do not wonder what those babies would be like, were they boys or girls, outgoing or shy, would they have brown eyes, or favor their brothers, etc. Every single day, in so many moments, our lives could have been so very different. But God chose a different path for us. It has taken us some time to get here. Now, God has brought us to the point to where we have to “jump” into His arms and let Him carry us through this next journey of our life which is ADOPTION.  Almost five years ago, God put […]